Monday, May 5, 2008

Xcode workspace

In order to use the Xcode workspace more efficiently, these are the additional guides as most of the times, a programmer will work on the text/code editor

(1) Use the View -> Zoom Editor in
when you select a source file e.g. main.m

(2) Use split button (grey square on the right) to create text/code editor window to create additional text/code editor view
when you are editing the source file

(3) Use pragma marks in your code, so that you can jump quickly to your code in the text/code editor window using the navigation bar

#pragma mark -
#pragma mark PreferencesTable Datasource Methods
// MARK:
// TODO:
// !!!:
// ???:

(4) Highlight the identifier and press "command+ double click" to jump definition

(5) use shortcut key "esc" for code completion

(6) View -> Text -> Wrap Lines

(7) Use code folding in text/code editor

Please goto Help -> Xcode workspace guide in Xcode environment for details on how to perform these functions

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