Sunday, May 11, 2008

Run Mac OS X Leopard on VMWare (Windows or Mac)


Anonymous said...

since you are a computer expert. I have a question for you. How do I run VBA on Asus eeepc? I want to get a very portable laptop so I am thrilled to get a 3epc but I need to run VBA. I actually wont mind to try using linuxs if I can download VBA on it too.

ck said...

Do you know what is VBA? It is visual basic for application. It is a language used by Microsoft in its Application (such as Words, Excel, Access etc) under WIndows. VBA is not VB (Visual Basic), although they shared the similar visual basic script syntax.

If you need to use VBA, you need Microsoft application and you need windows to run those Microsoft Application under EEEPC. There is already EEEPC bundled with windows OS selling in the market.

But I will tell you EEEPC will be very slow running windows OS and the hard disk size is also small, you can't install many applications on it.