Saturday, January 12, 2008

Internet Radio in EEE PC

Stream settings in Music Manager
商業一台 mms://
商業二台 mms://
Metro 997 mmsh://
Metro Finance mmsh://
RTHK Radio 1
RTHK Radio 2
RTHK Radio 3
RTHK Radio 4
RTHK Radio 5

Settings in Media Player

商業一台 mms://
商業二台 mms://
Metro 997
Metro Finance
RTHK Radio 1 mms://
RTHK Radio 2 mms://
RTHK Radio 3 mms://
RTHK Radio 4 mms://
RTHK Radio 5 mms://


Anonymous said...


I googled eee and 881903 and found your blog.

I always listen to 881903 archives from the USA on a winXP PC. Recently I got an Apple computer and realized neither realPlayer nor mediaPlayer will work with 881903 archives.

Am planning to get a Asus eee PC which as you know runs Linux.

I am wondering if you are using the ASUS EEE linux PC to listen to archives? If you do, did you just use realplayer? What's the version of the player you are using? Is there any special setup required?

Your advise will be valuable and highly appreciated by me and a lots of fans?



ck said...

Yes I am using Linux OS for EEE PC.

The screen dump shows the Music Manager (that comes with the Linux OS of EEEPC) to listen to the live radio of of 881903 and other internet radio streams in HK.

Anonymous said...

I googled under "eee pc mms://" and found your page. I'm happy to see you blog with the links to all the Hong Kong radio stations. Thanks.

Anna V. Wong said...

Hi, nice blog. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

BTW, do you have any solution to live streaming online radios on Android? I am addicted to and cannot seem to get my Galaxy S to play it. I have tried Real, Stream Media Player, Dopool, and have e-mailed CR2 and got an answer of them not having a toolbar for Android users yet. Thanks a lot in advance for any insight you can share.

Anna V. Wong