Saturday, January 19, 2008

Global proxy server for EEE PC Linux

If you use EEE PC in Linux environment and you are behind a firewall, you have to setup proxy server in various applications. These are a few examples here

(1) Firefox (web browser)

Edit -> Preferences -> Network tab -> Settings button -> choose manual proxy configuration

(2) apt-get (install/update package)

In terminal, run
export http_proxy="http://user:pw@proxyaddress:port"

e.g. in Hong Kong Public Library
export http_proxy=""

(3) svn (subversion)

edit the [global] section in this file ~/.subversion/server

e.g. in Hong Kong Public Library
http-proxy-host =
http-proxy-port = 8080

(4) wget

add the following to ~/.wgetrc file:
http_proxy =
use_proxy = off
wait = 15
use the following command option --proxy say to enable ad hoc proxy
wget --proxy

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Adam Driggers said...

I'm having problems connecting to a wireless network with my EEE PC. I'm running windows XP, there is a firewall. I've been using firefox to try to connect and isn't working. help?!?!?