Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Format SD card to Linux filesystem in eee pc

fdisk /dev/sdb
New > Primary > Enter > Write > “yes” > Quit

Format new partition /dev/sdb1 to ext3 filesystem:

mke2fs -c /dev/sdb1 # format to ext2
tune2fs -j /dev/sdb1 # convert to ext3 (optional)
e2label /dev/sdb1 SDCARD # set volume label to “SDCARD”

change ownership to user for the SDCARD after remount:
sudo chown -R user:user /media/MMC-SD/SDCARD


Parks said...

Tried this today and managed to change the owner on my highspeed SD Card. Unfortunatly now it as slow as a snail in glue. Any ideas?

ck said...

try to create the directory

sudo mkdir /media

and remount your sdcard

N!D said...

Thanks a lot for this.
Worked a treat, I had to exit the Console after formatting and labeling the drive, then the Chown command worked.

Now I can get XAMPP working on it.

Nina said...

I did this on my Kingston 8GB and it seemed to break the card. It spent close to an hour trying to create the file system and then I got a memory IO error and it hasn't worked since.
I'm curious what type of card you had success with?