Friday, August 22, 2008

iPhone / iPod Firmware Link

Shell script: Select all

curl -s -L | gunzip | grep appldnld | grep "iP*.*Restore" | awk '{print $1;}' | uniq

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Anonymous said...

thought I'd pass along my version of this command, it strips off all the whitespace and arrant XML, sorts the list, does it with a few less commands, and it catches a few URL's the original script misses. The only hitch is that the tab character doesn't copy properly, so once you paste the command in to the terminal, use the "Special Characters" menu option to put a tab character along side the space in the square brackets.

curl --compressed -s -L | grep 'iP*.*Restore.ipsw' | sed -e 's/[ ]*//' -e 's/<string>//' -e 's/<\/string>//' | sort -u