Saturday, February 16, 2008

Operation failed HUAWEI HSUPA/HSDPA/3G E272 modem

Problem : Operation failed when connecting using HSUPA/HSDPA/3G modem
Got this error with my smartone vodafone HUAWEI HSUPA/HSDPA/3G E272 modem in EEE PC Linux

The error log revealed PPP failed and no longer working

Failed to run pon. (pppclientservice.cpp: 1007)
pppd error (pppclientservice.cpp: 1005)

Solution 1:
Re-create a new Network Connection in EEE PC Linux

Solution 2 :
run this in Terminal
sudo rm /var/run/pppd2.tdb

then restart the connection

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Anonymous said...

Worked for me! Instead of removing, I changed the name in case I needed to restore it.