Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Here are the shortcut keys that I discovered for the Bluetooth keyboard when using iPad

Command Z : Undo
Command Shift Z : Redo
Command A : Select All
Command X : Cut
Command C : Copy
Command V : Paste
Command Space : keyboard selection (if you have enabled multiple keyboards in iPad)
Command-delete : Delete to beginning of line
Control H : Delete
Control I : Tab
Control K : delete to end of line
Shift Arrow : Make Selection range
Option Arrow : advance / backward word
Command Arrow : Start / End of line or Top / Bottom
Eject button on the top right : hide /unhide soft keyboard for iPad (when in editing mode)
All the Brightness, playback and sound control function keys are working

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Anonymous said...

For the iPad & keyboard,

View a photo, then try Command+I or Command+SHIFT+I to view properties, the latter on OS X for computers changes in each file you highlight to show relevant information.