Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MSI Wind Notebook Install Mac OS X 10.5.4/5

Here is the guide

You need these

for display driver

for wifi

for creating Lepoard install partition in harddisk


Headphone jack switch

Front Row update 2.1.2 (so that Front Row can see your iTunes Library if you have upgraded to iTunes 8)

Results for Mac OS X 10.5.4/5 Installation
WinXP / Mac OS X dual boot : OK
Ethernet : OK
Wifi : OK
Speaker : OK
GMA950 Graphics 1024 x 600 : OK
USB Hard Disk : OK
USB HSDPA modem : OK
Bluetooth : OK
Quick Time Player : OK
iPhone SDK Development : OK
WebCam, Photo Booth : OK
Headphone Jack Output : with switch.sh script (see above)

Sound Line Input / mic : failed
Trackpad Scrolling : not working (but you can press the upper / lower right corner of the track pad to slowly scroll)

If you need to upgrade Safari to 3.2.1, you need to first upgrade Mac OS X to 10.5.5 and then update Security Update 2008-007 Client (Leopard)

To upgrade 10.5.5, you can download this update from Apple

After update to 10.5.5, you just need to reinstall the GMA950 driver and everything works except mic / line input

Then download the Security Update 2008-007 here http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/security_updates/securityupdate2008007clientleopard.html

Then in the Software Update, you can have the option to upgrade Safari to 3.2.1

This is how to disable the Realtek utility in startup

sudo mv WiUtilityCardbusPCIStartUp ~/

And also remove it in System Settings -> Accounts -> Login Items

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